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Welcome to Brew Street, where we blend the best of two worlds in two distinct locations. At Brew Street Kitchen and Bar, nestled in the heart of Lee Valley White Water Centre, we offer a diverse menu, from mouthwatering dishes to a well-stocked bar with a variety of alcoholic beverages. It's the perfect place for a hearty meal and a relaxed drink by the water.

Meanwhile, at Brew Street Cafe, located in Lee Valley Ice Centre, we take a more traditional approach, focusing on the art of coffee and the charm of a classic café. Our cafe is a warm and welcoming space where you can savour quality coffee and delicious treats, creating a perfect atmosphere for conversations and relaxation.

No matter which Brew Street location you choose, you're in for an exceptional experience that caters to your preferences. 



Brew Street is the perfect destination for your private events.

Our space can accommodate various events and occasions, from small gatherings to large celebrations. Contact us to learn more about our event packages.

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